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Use dynamic clothes

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Dynamics Clothes


Here is a tutorial that will help you understand how to use clothes dynamics, including their superpositions.

Here the character chosen is Aiko4, but the dynamic clothes for V4 work with the whole range (aiko4, victoria4, stephanie4, The girl4).


Here are the links to load the morph, hair and dynamic clothes used for this tutorial.

Anais dynamic dress and skirt

VH Claudine for Aiko 4

Resplendent Tresses

Anais promo1pt2014 1


Click on screen captures to zoom the pictures


Tutodynamic image1

First, load your character. Add (if you want) a morph, skin texture and hair. Important: leave character in zero pose.


Tutodynamic image2


Load dynamic clothes.


Tutodynamic image3


Using the marker (yellow triangle) scroll over the frame 8 and apply the pose of your choice.


Tutodynamic image4


Go into textile room. Click on "New Simulation" and in the open window

apply the settings shown on the screenshot, click "ok".


Tutodynamic image5


Select the piece of clothing to drape. To do this open window by clicking on "clothify", check the piece of clothing you want to drape and confirm by clicking on "clothify" in the window open

Warning : Always drape clothes one by one, the more under firts, finishing with the most up.



Now click on "collision", a window open, click on "Add / remove" a 2nd window open containing the elements of your scene, check the items that the clothing should take into account, here the character and the ground on which the fabric will come naturally spread. Click OK to close this window. In the first window still open and to accelerate the draping check only the elements of the characters who will not come in collision with clothing (here hand and head). Then select "OK" to close this window.

Tutodynamic image7


You can now click on "calculate simulation" and watch your piece of clothing draping naturally on your character.


Tutodynamic image8


Do the same with the 2nd piece of clothing to be positioned on the first. To do it in the parameters of collision, in addition to the character, select the first clothing. The sleeves of the dress that come into collision with the hands have been unchecked.


Tutodynamic image9


Click on "calculate-simulation" to make draping.


Tutodynamic image10 1



To change the texture of clothes, back in pose" in workspace. Reposition the marker (yellow triangle) on the first frame of animation and apply the texture as usual. Reposition the marker on the last frame to find your poses and clothes draped


Warning, when you open a scene containing a dynamic clothing, the scene comes to the first frame, simply push the marker to the last frame to find the cloth draped.

Now you have draped the clothes on your character and you want to change it place in the scene (without changing the pose), now if you try to move the character only the character move, in order to move all (character and clothes) you need to parent your clothes draped to your character.

Tutodynamic image12


Select the piece of clothing to parents, click on "Set parent", select the character in the window that open and click "OK"


Tutodynamic image13


Do the same with the 2nd clothing.


Tutodynamic image14


You can now position the whole character-clothes where you want in the scene after having previously selected the character of course.


Have fun!

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